Switchboard Upgrades
Houses today use more power than in the past. Old style, ceramic re-wirable fuses are a potential fire hazard due to overloading and potential incorrect re-wiring by home owners or previous owners. Not to mention the potential for electrocution while removing and re-wiring these fuses!

Many older switchboards, even those that are new enough not to have re-wirable fuses don’t have Safety Switches (Residual Current Devices). While fuses and circuit breakers are designed to protect the electrical installation, safety switches are there to protect the people using the installation. Safety switches are now a requirement on any circuits that are modified or extended and an essential safety feature for you and your family.

New switchboards with circuit breakers and safety switches greatly reduce the chances of fire or injury by tripping very quickly under fault conditions, cutting power and potentially saving lives. When these devices trip they are very easy to reset, requiring just a simple flick of a switch there is no rewiring required.

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