LED Lighting
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Whether you’re looking for an outdoor solution to bring your entertaining area to life, signage for your shop or a freshen up for your home, give us a call for a free consultation and quote.

There are some significant benefits when upgrading to LED lighting, these include:
  • Less power consumption: When you compare an average 9W LED downlight to a 50W halogen downlight you have a saving of 82% on your power bill with the same or better light output!
  • Long life/Warranty: LED lighting has a much longer life expectancy than both fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Many downlights come with a manufacturers warranty of 5 years, no bulbs to change just trouble free lighting from installation.
  • Significantly less fire risk: Many lights, particularly halogen downlights pose a fire risk when installed too close to building structures or insulation. These older style lights can have a running temperature of over 300 degrees Celsius. We have a range of LED downlights designed and certified to be safe when installed in and around your ceiling insulation
Our friends at Praxis Dental Pacific Pines grew tired of having to replace fluorescent tubes in their shopfront sign. After a consultation and a free quote we went ahead and fitted their sign box with LED modules. They now have the brightest sign on the strip while saving on their power bill