Energy Efficient Solutions
Talk to us today about ways to save money on your power bill while looking out for the environment. We have solutions to suit any application from office to bedroom, kitchens to landscaped gardens that will not only save you money but look great.
  • Ask us about exciting new opportunities in home automation and energy monitoring, designed to not only make your life easier but save on energy consumption.
  • Lighting can account for 20-40% of your power bill and there are some easy ways to increase efficiency in your home or office. The first port of call is LED lighting, and combined with dimmers, sensor lighting and sunset switches you can make some significant savings.
  • Dimmers reduce the light output and energy consumption while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency.
  • Sensor lights to detect movement and light the area for a preset time.
  • Sunset switches automatically switch on lights after sunset and off at sunrise avoiding the need to remember turning your lights off in the morning.
  • Timers to light the area for the pre determined period of time only.
  • Ceiling fans are significantly cheaper to run than air conditioning and come in a range of stylish designs.
  • Pools and spas can be expensive to maintain but with the use of timers to ensure they are operating outside of peak hours you can reduce costs as much as possible.
  • Standby power can make up up to 10% of your power bill, you may be willing to accept these power losses for devices like your tv but do you realise just how many appliances in your home are sitting on standby?